About The Portrait Project


The portraits for this project are made in a spontaneous way and are not based on the subjects' physical appearance, but would be considered more abstract. I call my painting style "Individual Realism", in that it is realism from my individual point of view;  it is real for me. The point is not to draw the subject as they look in a picture but to draw from a collective inspiration I believe we are all connected to.   And from this collective inspiration, we all have a unique way of expressing or grounding the creativity from the collective source.

When I  make portraits, my goal is to connect or find the inspiration that I feel is moving over head and is there for us all to connect with. Like the concept that the Universe is made up of music,  I believe it's the same with visual art, all you need to do is look for the art and it will make its way onto your paper, canvas, wall, clay, etc...using your hands and body to create the art. This is what I'm trying to do with the portraits.  I am trying to find a collective point of inspiration to create these portraits from.  Most of the portraits I do are made by looking at a photo of someone, using this as a reference point.  I try and find the image or picture to put with the person.

This process is light and fun and my hope is that it can be interactive with the subject of the portrait, as well. One of my earlier blog posts is about the concept of Individual Realism as an art style.  I wrote this blog post in an attempt to describe the kind of art I make.  The media used for the portraits will most likely be graphite, oil pastel, and/or ink on paper.

Basic overview of the process. 

  • Sign up for a portrait on my website
  • Once the portrait has been created I will contact you with a link to see the artwork.


  • Portraits can be downloaded for free
  • Original artwork can be purchased for $50
  • Signed Print $20
  • Commission a 24" x 24" painting based on the portrait $400