Paintings Don't Need to Be Pretty / Individual Realism Painting Style

I recently came to the realization that paintings don't need to be pretty. With this being said, I am ok if they are pretty because I'm not trying to make them ugly. Not having pretty pictures at the front of my mind has made the process of painting a much more enjoyable experience for me and has freed me to express myself in a new way. With the constraints of trying to make the pictures beautiful behind me, I feel as though I will be able to get closer to the message that wants to communicated with my art. This message has become more important than the beauty in my paintings. 

Greg Holden Regan

When I Lost a Square From Myself

With the paintings being created with this new driving force, I have had more access to painting as I am, connecting with the subject matter in a more precise way. 

Greg Holden Regan - Painting - Encinitas, Ca.

The Right Side of My Torso

I am wanting to have a new name to explain these paintings. I can't call them abstract, because to me they are realism, they are my reality. Would it be possible to call them Abstract Realism or Individual Realism? I have never been able to tell someone what style my paintings are by only using the word "abstract" to describe them. I think from now on I will use the term Individual Realism. 

Definition of Individual Realismˌ/indəˈvij(o͞o)əl/ /ˈrē(ə)ˌlizəm/ :  An artistic style in which the individual expresses what is real from their own, unique point of reference.

Greg Holden Regan - Encinitas, Ca.

Crown Without a Shadow

I hope I never go back to trying to make pretty pictures; to trying to make other people happy, while disregarding myself and the Individual Realism each of us have inside. 

Greg Holden Regan

Head and a Voice