The Last Tumbleweed

Tumbleweeds and robots have become the focal point of my latest series again, along with botanical drawings of medicinal plants and herbs, as the third major component to the series. The new paintings highlight the Juxtaposition between the science of nature (represented by Botanical drawings) and the recent developments in robotics. The Tumbleweed aspect to the paintings once again is used as a symbol for a deserted city , ghost town or one might say collapse of culture and society. 

My latest inspiration in botanical drawings of medicinal plants, symbolize information that has been passed down from generation to generation and from one culture to another. The simplicity that all the answers could be right there in nature and the ancient knowledge of how to use and embrace it, is fascinating to me. The flip side of that is the creation of robots and machines to fix all of our problems, and to possibly do everything for us. The balance between technology and nature.

This is the multi layered theme for my latest pieces and I hope to explore new ideas during the process of painting, to build on and create new stories.  

This is a nice article by Moray Mair about my previous series "Tumbleweeds, Robots, and Shopping Carts", on Mutant Space.