Pay it forward or pay what you can. This is a program designed in the hopes of making it possible for everyone that wants art on their walls to have art on their walls. No amount is too little and no amount is too large. I ask that you pay what you can and feel good about the amount, if you can pay more than market value than please pay more and help some one else put art on their wall. If times are a little tight and you wish you had original art, then pay under market value. 

  • First go through check out process and purchase artwork Free Of Charge.
  • Once you have completed check out process you have put a hold on the artwork.
  • Now that artwork is held you can go to the Donation Page to finish the process.
  • Pick up at Greg Holden Regan Studio ONLY
  • If you would like artwork to be shipped, please contact me, (donation does not include shipping)