A little About the Queen

The Queens full name is not known by the average person of the realm it has never been an after thought. The people only think of her name as the Queen. Even when she was young and a princess she was called the Queen. Her mother the Queen called her the Queen and so to did the King l. She has always been a well liked Queen except by a few of the functions and the extremist in both sides of the issues. Her blazing red hair makes it easy to spot her out when the court has events and dances atop the breeze way. It has always been rumored that her hair is the same red as elf red or even troll red both of which are a much brighter red and a red that seemingly could not be human. However the Royal blood line is not questioned by normals who wish to keep their heads resting upon their necks. The exception is in the caverns or the network of underground tunnels and ways all are permitted to speak their minds free of royal laws or rules. It is said that if you get affended bellow you must go. The tunnel taverns are where most of the great ideas and art have been thought up. The third level is the library, writing, drawing, and meditation level and speaking is not permitted, only the ancient signlaguage can be used. Although it is a place of silence an orchestra of hand slaps, snaps, and claps can be heard all times of the day and night.