Slinggy Shot


Slinggy Shot has been credited With shooting the Rooster King three times with a tomato on three different occasions using his sling shot. This is completely legal within the walls of the realm. It is illegal to shoot a tomato and miss, this keeps the peace and keeps the amount of tomato’s being shot down from the fear of missing. Kings have been known to almost dance about on the stage and in the public eye. The tomato or the splash from a splattered tomato is all that’s needed. Nothing else in the world is allowed to be shot or hurled at the king. If any one in the King’s court is hit the punishment doubles. Ther has been trials were the kings garments were analyzed and scrutinized to see if old lady sister had actually hit the king with some splash from a missed tomato.  

She was found guilty and her punishment was to hike the hill which is actually a small mountain. She survived the hike thanks to the mountain little people who loved her wild berry pies.