Three Paint Strokes

Our first art practice is to get started with seeing how your paint, your brush, and your hands apply paint. 

Start off by choosing three colors, they can be your favorite colors if you like. I think it the practice will work best if you choose one warm, one cool, and dark color. 

One you have chosen your colors make three bold painting strokes, once with each color. Make sure to stay awake in your eyes and in your hand and take in all of the information you can about how it looks and how much pressure you put on your painting surface. Make the strokes with as much speed as you like and please do not fallow any rules. 

Let the paint dry at least 80% if you can wait.

Projekt Art . Soccer

Once the paint has dried then grab a pen or a pencil of any kind and create a shape. Maybe the shape is an animal, a person, or just a shape. The shape should cut through the paint strokes to break up the solid forms. Try to be as intense with this section of the practice as possible. Do not let your mind get a chance to decide what the picture should be. 

Now that you have made this shape with the pencil or pen you are done with the piece for now. Step back form the painting and let your imagination tell some stories of what the picture is or what it should be. Try not to paint on this picture for at least 2 hours. If you need to apply paint grab and old painting or drawing that is right and paint away on it. 

I hope you enjoy. 

Greg Holden Regan - Projekt Art . Soccer

Small-sided game - 5 v 5 - Staying in your zone

Divide the playing area into thirds and create two teams. Each team will attempt to score a goal in the opponents goal. Red team into the blue goal and vise versa. Players are restricted to their zone and should concentrate on passing and spacing to progress the ball to score in the opposing teams goal. Goals can be scored from any part of the playing area. Teams will have 2 defenders, 2 midfielders, and 1 attacker.

small sided game 5 v 5 zonal thirds.jpg

Coaching Points

  • Spacing

    players should hold their positions and create passing lanes for teammates.

  • Vision

    Players need to use their vison to find the open player and to keep proper spacing from opponents.

  • Passing

    Players should concentrate on looking up to find open player rather than using the dribble to advance the ball.

  • Shape

    Each team should concentrate on keeping a triangle or square shape as much as possible


If you have more than 10 players utilize a Rondo or player to create creativity on the attacking side. Rondo player or players should not be restricted by the zonal thirds. Rotate Rondo players into the small sided game.

Small Sided Game - Zone Restrictions - Using Rondo.jpg

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